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Delve into Taskweave

Discover your client’s needs, how to address them best and improve your own process.

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This a staging area. Gradually process recipes below will be adopted in Floorplanner with added automation support, to help you be most productive in your design process.

How this works

Below we collect a broad range of Recipes representing tasks related to Social Experience Design. Choose the recipe that matches your needs to find detailed instructions and background information.

Project phases

Inception phase

In the inception phase focus is to establish a healthy basis for the Free Software project.

Project Initiation

 Set up the basic project structure and communication channels that will be used.
When to use- At the start of your new social experience design.
Time spentAbout half a day to one day. Depends on process preferences and project size.
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Shared Vision

 Get a high-level understanding of problem statement and the desired solution.
When to use- At the start of your new social experience design.
- When adding new sub-domains to your social experience.
Time spentAbout 2-4 hours. Continue to keep up-to-date afterwards.
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Domain Modeling

Discipline to gain clear insight and knowledge of functional areas in order to:

  • Find client needs to be addressed in the social experience.
  • Gain common understanding and adopt a shared language to use.
  • Use domain driven design (DDD) to elaborate features to deliver.

Domain Glossary

 Common terminology that all stakeholders must use throughout the project.
When to use- Keep up-to-date during the entire project lifecycle.
Time spentMinutes. Update as soon as common terminology is settled on.
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Event Storming

 Collaborative workshop to get a shared understanding of important needs.
When to use- At the start of your new social experience design.
- When adding new sub-domains to your social experience.
Time spentInitial session 4-6 hours. Multiple refinements afterwards. Keep up-to-date.
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Analysis & Design

Architecture Decisions

 Track the status and outcome of decisions that affect the architecture design.
When to use- For any architecture decision with major impact on the implementation.
- To support non-functional requirements of the software.
- To ensure consensus about architecture direction in the project team.
Time spentDecisions are preceded by a Spike. Then one hour to document the decision.
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Technology Radar

 Keep track of technologies, pros and cons, and decisions to adopt or postpone.
When to use- Keep up-to-date during agile development, recording the outcome of Spikes.
Time spentAbout half an hour to update. Decisions to Adopt must be preceded with a Spike.
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Behaviour Tests

 Write feature descriptions for use cases and scenario’s that are tested against code.
When to use- Throughout the project while elaborating and refining the domain.
- To discuss the behaviour of a social experience with Client stakeholders.
- To clarify to Creator stakeholders what functionality should be built.
Time spent1-2 hours per Test, depending on functionality and feature complexity.
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Implementation & Test


 Frameworks and libraries used by the codebase, and rationale for choosing them.
When to use- During agile development whenever dependencies are added.
Time spentAbout one hour. High impact choices are preceded with a Spike.
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 Timeboxed investigations of architecture decisions and technology choices.
When to use- During agile development as iterations are planned on the project board.
Time spentAbout half a day, up-to a full iteration, depending on impact and complexity.
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 Transform Floorplanner Blueprint designs into boilerplate projects and tailored code.
When to use- To generate a brand new social experience project.
- To generate code files for an additional domain.
- To generate code files for selected parts of a domain diagram.
Time spentMinutes.
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