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Analysis & Design

Evolve a robust architecture that can meet requirements.

Process Recipes

Here you find an overview of useful recipes for the Analysis & Design discipline.

Technology Radar

A technology radar helps introduce new technology in a controlled manner. In the IT world new and trendy technologies emerge quickly and there’s a multitude of tools and frameworks that gets technologists very excited. A tech radar allows for making informed choices and become opinionated and strategic in the technical direction that is followed. Four categories of technology are tracked, and for each entry in the radar an investigation determines the adoption status, which can be revisited later. ➥ Apply this Recipe

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Technology Standards

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Architecture Decisions

Track a historical record about architecture decisions for future reference. For each decision an Architecture Decision Record (ADR) documents details about the software system’s architecture. It captures context, problem, proposed solution, and reasoning behind the decision. ADRs aim to improve communication, ensure well-informed and well-documented decisions. ADR’s are created by the team responsible for the decisions, and are immutable once the decision is made. Future changes lead to creation of a new ADR that supercedes the old one. ➥ Apply this Recipe

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