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ADR {number}: {short title of solved problem and solution}

  • Status: {proposedrejectedaccepteddeprecatedsuperseded by ADR 005}
  • Date: {YYYY-MM-DD when the decision was last updated}
  • Deciders: {list everyone involved in the decision}
  • Consulted: {list everyone whose opinions are sought (typically subject-matter experts)}
  • Informed: {list everyone who is kept up-to-date on progress}

Context and Problem Statement

{Describe the context and problem statement, e.g., in free form using two to three sentences or in the form of an illustrative story. You may want to articulate the problem in form of a question and add links to collaboration boards or issue management systems.}

Decision Drivers

  • {decision driver 1, e.g., a force, facing concern, …}
  • {decision driver 2, e.g., a force, facing concern, …}

Considered Options

  • {title of option 1}
  • {title of option 2}
  • {title of option 3}

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “{title of option 1}”, because {justification. e.g., only option, which meets k.o. criterion decision driver | which resolves force {force} | … | comes out best (see below)}.


  • Good, because {positive consequence, e.g., improvement of one or more desired qualities, …}
  • Bad, because {negative consequence, e.g., compromising one or more desired qualities, …}


{describe how the implementation of/compliance with the ADR is validated. E.g., by a review or a behaviour test}

Pros and Cons of the Options

{title of option 1}

{example | description | pointer to more information | …}

  • Good, because {argument a}
  • Good, because {argument b}
  • Neutral, because {argument c}
  • Bad, because {argument d}

{title of other option}

{exampledescriptionpointer to more information…}
  • Good, because {argument a}
  • Good, because {argument b}
  • Neutral, because {argument c}
  • Bad, because {argument d}

More Information

{You might want to provide additional evidence/confidence for the decision outcome here and/or document the team agreement on the decision and/or define when this decision when and how the decision should be realized and if/when it should be re-visited and/or how the decision is validated. Links to other decisions and resources might appear here as well.}