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Host on Groundwork

Groundwork has just started, and functionality described here is subject to change.


The Groundwork service platform makes hosting of social experiences as easy as possible. It does the heavy lifting so that system administrators can focus on offering quality services. A social experience when deployed on the server consist of one or more Service Modules that can be managed separately.

Service modules represent bounded contexts of your domain and may interact with other modules according to the design of your Floorplanner Blueprint. Service modules are extensions for the Fediverse and can be invoked by other federated applications that want to integrate with your social experience. As the ecosystem around Solidground project grows a library of reusable Groundwork services modules will emerge over time.

So Groundwork is a federated service platform and from a conceptual viewpoint looks like this:

Groundwork conceptual overview

“Present meaningful information” is Groundwork’s purpose. With Groundwork you deploy and host your own business domain packaged as a social experience for the Fediverse.

Groundwork is Free Software. The self-hostable federated service platform is optimized for small deployments, but it is able to scale. Groundwork is easy to install and can be configured from a command-line installation script.