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Showcasing the design and development of an Ideation Hub on the Fediverse.

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Table of contents

IdeationHub is a showcase that is part of Social Coding Movement, and will become a full-blown and independent Free Software project. Ideation represents the first step of the FSDL.

Refine frequently to clearly demonstrate the Fediverse SX process from start to finish.

Showcase introduction

The sections below will lead through the design process of a new social experience for the Fediverse: an app for exchanging and brainstorming on ideas that wants to encourage people to organize projects that make them real.

We use four fictional stakeholders, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, who are all fedizens:

PersonStakeholder role
Bob (he/him)Client group. Bob likes hanging out on the Fediverse, hosts his own Mastodon instance. But he would really like to be hosting a new type of application.
Carol (they/them)Client group. Carol seeks the discussion on the Fediverse, and is often involved in brainstorming how to make the world a better place.
Ted (they/them)Creator group. Ted is a UX Designer, follows artists on the Fediverse and exchanges UI design concepts.
Alice (she/her)Creator group. Alice is a die-hard and principled FOSS Developer. A passion for tech, she is matter-of-fact and likes to get things done.

The idea for building an IdeationHub arose during a Fediverse discussion, triggered by Carol:

Carol: ” Isn’t it frustrating how we have some many great ideas here, only to see them lost in timeline history? I want a neat way for us to keep track of them. “
Bob: ” I fully agree, this frustrates me as well. We might make a federated app to collect and foster them, and find collaborators to turn them into projects. “
Ted: ” I can help turn this into a design that can be easily implemented. Let’s start simple and then expand with more features. @alice are you interested to help? “
Alice: ” Yep, count me in, folks! Let’s call this project IdeationHub. “
Ted: ” Fabulous. Let’s get going. We can use Floorplanner to guide us through our solution design. “
Carol: ” Floorplanner looks nice. Feels like a recipe book. I found some good entry points with detailed instructions to help us discover our needs. “

And so they started their Social Experience Design adventure.

Project inception